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There’s no doubt that Mhyana knows how to weave imagery and make love to words and sensation in a way that leaves you breathless.” 
                                                                            Carve Magazine 

      “Exquisite”                            “Awfully good”                              “Very impressed”

Southeast Review              –Mid-American Review               –Hayden’s Ferry Review


      “Impressive”                      “Such lovely writing”                           “Wonderful”  

  – Columbia Journal                       - Ruminate                     – The North American Review


      “Subtle, evocative”                                    “A very strong manuscript”

    — Antigonish Review                                      — Beloit Poetry Review



“Sensitivity in the choice of detail and evocation of feeling”
                                             —Event Magazine

“Fabulous, original, impassioned” 

—Entelechy Mind and Culture

   “I loved so much about ‘Cloud Atlases, Panic Pills,

& a Ribbon of Blue’ (anything that starts with a quote by 

Jean Rhys immediately has my attention).”

                                                                                           – The Kenyon Review


         Recent Publications

The Annie Dillard Award for Creative Nonfiction

Finalist, Bellingham Review / finalist / “A Vow of Silence” / Lyric essay (June 2022)

The Maine Review,  “Different Yellows, Whole and Broken” / Lyric essay (May 2022)

Chautauqua, “May you Carry the Broken World” / Lyric essay (May 2022)

The Southeast Review, “Prospecting” / Lyric essay (March 2019)

The Compassion Anthology: Mercy for the Displaced /  “Counting the Beats” / Lyric essay (winter/spring 2019)

Lunch Ticket, “Counting the Beats” / Lyric essay (winter/spring 2019)

Sigh Press, “Poetry in a Hostile Environment” / Cultural Commentary (winter 2018)

Sigh Press, “The Cry Catcher” / Poem on the theme of fragility (winter 2018)


The Cincinnati Review, “Sacre Coeur & Wound Man” / Lyric essay (Issue 15:1, 2017)

Cutbank, “Laughter & Forgetting” / Lyric essay (Issue 87, 2018)

The Roanoke Review, “Mappa Mundi” and “The Weight of Prayer” (Vol XLII) / Poems

Structo, “RX” / Poem (Issue 18, Spring 2018)

Juked, “Milk & Honey: Portrait of a Self-Portraitist” and “Forever’s Requiem” / Lyric essay & flash prose

Burrow Press Review, “Grindstone & Fog” and “Knaves & Whoresons” / Prose poem & Lyric essay (nominated Best of the Net 2015, 2016)

Eclectica, “Ambidextrous Poesie” (finalist, Best of Issue)/ Lyric essay

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