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Storia Book Editing and Coaching


A good editor doesn’t rewrite words, she rewires synapses.

                                                            S. Kelley Harrell

                                                               Hi there, I’m Jalina!

                                    I’m a writer just like you


                                                As a writer, I’m vulnerable to all of the pitfalls, spells of              

                                                isolation and existential woes of the writing life that you struggle                                                                   with. I love helping writers like you get past all that BS and to      

                                                develop faith in themselves while creating winning manuscripts.



               Working with Jalina is like having

                  an angel editor on your shoulder.


                                                                                                    —Lynn Cole, Author


My goal as an editor is to be the person I would want to have at my side while I’m writing a book—a motivational combination of cheerleader, coach, colleague, & co-conspirator!

I’m intensely involved in my authors’ writing routines and stories, and sensitive to their personal Achilles’ heels; procrastination techniques, bad habits, and blind spots. I gently

call them out on their BS and inspire them to move forward. 

Grazie infinite to my amazing editor, Jalina Mhyana. No one could have asked for a better friend, compatriot, collaborator, listener and champion.


                            – Angela Guido, Author of Interview Hero: How to Ace your Interviews, Find your Voice,

                             and Direct the Narrative of your Life



As your editor, it’s my job to hold your hand while holding you to account, to reassure and guide you through the rough patches, and to inspire you to hone your craft as well as your manuscript.

After carrying a memoir around on my shoulders for seventeen years,  I found Jalina. She is more than an editor. She is a visionary who expresses ambitions for her authors’ work they dare not dream for themselves.

                                                                                    – Joan Kovach, Author, 100 Mondays in Budapest


                  Read more testimonials here 



I work with a select handful of authors per year. Because the writer/editor relationship is so intense and long-lasting (often 6 months to a year for developmental editing), and because you’ll need to trust me with your most vulnerable and imperfect first drafts, it’s absolutely imperative that we get along well together, that my methods work for you, and that your story resonates with me. 



SMS/text: (44) 7379 772862

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